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TrendsMap is a real-time portrait of viral videos in the U.S.


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Are teens in the South watching the same videos as middle-aged folks in New England? The YouTube TrendsMap visualizes real-time trending data to provide a dynamic perspective on what is popular across the United States and various demographics.

As different videos sweep the nation, colors on the map change to reflect different YouTube thumbnails. While the entire nation watches a spearfishing video, for instance, the map looks blue. The next day, Miley Cyrus might get the most viral viewership, turning the map purple.

Hovering over different regions displays details of the top video being watched. You can click on the link in the thumbnail to catch the video yourself. TrendsMap also shows a breakdown of viewership distribution per gender and age.

Finally, geographical patterns are also made obvious by the distribution of videos around the nation. In the example below, part of the South is mesmerized by a hunting video whereas the North is focusing on a video that chastises Abercrombie & Fitch.

The data is compiled and displayed in real time, though videos uploaded within 48 hours may not yet appear with age or gender breakdowns. The map is only available in the U.S. right now.