This is the collaboration site of Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. We invent new ways for people to think and talk about data.

As technologists we ask, Can visualization help people think collectively? Can visualization move beyond numbers into the realm of words and images?

As artists we seek the joy of revelation. Can visualization tell never-before-told stories? Can it uncover truths about color, memory, and sensuality?

Embedding Projector An open-source visualization tool for high-dimensional data.

Fairness in ML Explore issues around fairness and machine learning.

Machine Translation Visualizing a deep network for translation.

Geodetic Velocities Visualization Open source visualization of earthquake cycle physics

Wind Map A real-time map of the wind in the U.S.

TensorFlow Playground Tinker with a transparent neural net, right in your browser

Unfiltered News Compare news coverage across the world.

TensorFlow Graph Visualizer Explore the dataflow graphs that power TensorFlow.

Digital Attack Map A live view of cyberattacks across the globe.

Bloom Seismic activity of the living earth.

Art of Reproduction The lies images tell.

Time Flow Open-source analytical timeline software.

Web Seer Search engine as mirror

Chromogram Visualizing activity on Wikipedia.

Luscious Colors are the atoms of beauty.

Lumen Eclipse Public artwork on the subject of love.

Flickr Flow A year of Boston colors.

WIRED Covers An anniversary image.

Touch Lovers and their desires.

Listen Songs of the body, by genre.

Look Close reading of the flesh.

Phrase Net Visualizing implicit networks of meaning.

Many Eyes Internet-scale collaborative visualization.

Word Tree Repetition in text, as a signpost to meaning.

History Flow Conflict and cooperation on Wikipedia.